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World Commission on the Social Dimension of Globalization


The broad goals of the Commission are:
to identify policies for globalization which reduce poverty, foster growth, employment and development in open economies, and widen opportunities for Decent Work;

to identify policies which can make globalization more inclusive, in ways which are acceptable and seen to be fair to all, both between and within countries;

to assist the international community forge greater policy coherence in order to advance both economic and social goals in the global economy.

In its work, the Commission has sought:
to establish the facts. It will outline the main contours and dynamics of the process of globalization;

to better understand people's aspirations and concerns as they relate to globalization;

to address the implications of globalization for economic and social progress, and its diverse impacts on workers and enterprises.

to encourage a more focused international dialogue on the social dimension of globalization, and build consensus among key actors and stakeholders on appropriate policy responses;

to identify innovative ways of making economic, social and environmental objectives sustainable and mutually reinforcing.

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Established by the ILO
 Updated 24 February 2004