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World Commission on the Social Dimension of Globalization


How it works
The World Commission began its work in early 2002. It met every two to three months in Geneva.

To ensure that the Commission's work is as open and inclusive as possible, a series of consultations with important actors in the globalization process were organized.

The Commission worked closely with other multilateral institutions, which had been invited to contribute information and research.

To support the work of the Commission, a Secretariat was established at the ILO in Geneva.

The Commission has released its final report in February 2004.
Dates of the Commission Meetings
1st Meeting
Geneva, 24-26 March 2002

2nd Meeting
Geneva, 20-21 May 2002

3rd Meeting
Geneva, 12-15 October 2002

4th Meeting
Geneva, 16-18 February 2003

5th Meeting
Geneva, 17-20 May 2003

6th Meeting
Geneva, 10-12 August 2003

The Commission
How it works
The Secretariat
The Secretariat's tasks
Global consultations
Policy topics
The Social Dimension of Globalization
Press Releases

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