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The Programme in Bahrain supports the ongoing political and social reforms in the Kingdom, which have been set in motion in 2001. At the same time, the country is making major efforts to transform its economy from one that is dominated by oil to a diverse set of manufacturing and services industries. A particular challenge is the integration of young Bahrainis into the emerging labour market. The Programme aims to contribute to the development of policies, programmes and institutions that will facilitate the economic and social transition and provide decent work opportunities for all.

A comprehensive, multidisciplinary analysis of economic and social trends (pdf 699 Kb) and extensive consultations with national partners in 2002 laid the basis for the Programme. A Memorandum of Understanding (pdf 246 Kb) signed end of 2002 provides a four-year general framework for the implementation of the Programme.

Extended social dialogue involving the major line Ministries, government agencies and institutions and social partners will constitute a prominent feature of the Programme. This component is part of follow-up to the Resolution concerning tripartism and social dialogue adopted by the International Labour Conference in 2002.

Within this framework, the Programme is responding to the current priorities for policy development in the areas of: reform of the technical education and vocational training system; the introduction of an unemployment insurance; the reform of the labour law and the role and functioning of institutions of social dialogue. The Programme is assisting national institutions in these areas through technical advisory services, access to international experience and best practices and capacity building.
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