World Day Against Child Labour

Confederation of Trade Unions Myanmar issue a statement on World Day Against Child Labour (2020)

World Day Against Child Labour presents us with an important opportunity to stand united in the fight to end child labour. This year WDACL is drawing particular attention to the need to eliminate child labour and the impact of the Covid-19 health pandemic.

Statement | 12 June 2020
Sadly, child labor continues to be an all too common occurrence in Myanmar. We must come face to face with the issue of child labour on a daily basis. As many of the root causes which lead families and youth into child labour are being exacerbated by the current global economic and labour market crisis, children in Myanmar, and across the world, are at risk of becoming even more vulnerable. Job loss, disruptions to education, geographic isolation and marginalization are only some of the negative effects of this pandemic, all of which are bound to create dangerous realities for children, particularly those from disadvantaged circumstances.

It must be understood that issues of health, education, poverty, decent work, gender equality, environmental health, social protection and peace are each part of an inter-related web that includes and directly affects child labour. It is our hope, that by acting collectively to help in processes of recovery, prevention and elimination of child labour, we can strengthen commitments to accelerate the eradication of child labour and the global realization targets 8.7 and 8.8 of the Sustainable Development Goals.

Today is a day we stand for children’s rights. Join us in the fight against child labour: stand with us today and every day that follows.