World Day Against Child Labour

Myanmar Ministry of Labour, Immigration and Population issue a statement on World Day against Child Labour, 2020

As the saying ‘The youth of today are the future of tomorrow’, in the future, the duty to safeguard the sovereignty and to work for the development of the State will be delegated to youths of today. Youths grow up from infants and become adults and so, the State itself, all citizens, parents and social organizations have obligations to nurture youths since they are infants to grow up as good and smart citizens of the State.

Statement | 12 June 2020
The State has developed plans/measures in terms of health, education, social life and moral character to nurture and protect youths from their infancy until they reach full 18 years of age so that they grow up with strong belief and perseverance. Prescribing law to protect working children that are under 18 is one measure among others. And also, the State is focusing to eliminate all worst forms of child labour that are not in line with laws and are unacceptable by the international and social communities.

The elimination of child labour is one of the biggest challenges of the present age and also one of the biggest challenges of our country too.

Child laborers are children that are working in any industries that are exposed to risks, abuses and exploitation due to nature of work or conditions of workplace and also any kinds of work that bar children to get access to education.

Progress of physical, emotional and intellectual development of a child depends on a social environment of his family and good conditions created by a government.

With the leadership of Vice President (1), National Committee for the Elimination of Child Labour – Myanmar was formed, comprising 37 members. National Action Plan for the elimination of child labour will be implemented in a period of 15 years by three-phase approach and each phrase lasts five years. Actually, it has been implemented in regions/states, including Nay Pyi Taw Council since January 2019.

Here, taking this opportunity, we would like to announce that Myanmar ratified ILO Convention No 138 - Minimum Age on 8th June 2020.

As the Best Interest of a Child is defined - “Getting access to the child rights prescribed in the law as they maximize the physical advantage of a child for his survival, development, protection and participation in the community”, all the public, including the Hluttaws, the State Government, social partners and non-government organizations will have to work with emphasis on this.

With the motto of this year 2020 “COVID-19: Protect children from child labour, now more than ever!” we urge all concerned government departments, non-government organizations, community based organizations, companies, business enterprises and bodies at all levels – from ward, village, district, township, region/state to State – by escalating your effort with enthusiasm, patience, tolerance and perseverance and collaborating with one another in order to achieve good outcomes in eliminating child labour.