Opportunities to leverage income generation in marginalized villages: Labutta and Ye townships

This research accessed the economic potentials and critical livelihood bottlenecks in selected village tracts in Labutta and Ye townships, identified sectors/sub-sectors/value chains that offer economic potentials and income generating opportunities for household beneficiaries in the targeted areas and to provide recommendations on appropriate value chain projects, their modalities and approached for implementation and key aspects to ensure that they generate the necessary livelihoods and income to improve the ability of households to provide for their basic needs, including education of children.

Several Focus Group discussions and Key informant interviews conducted using in dept interviewing techniques and the main value chains identified were listed in the report. Value chains were identified based partly on prior desk review but mainly on information provided in the villages regarding the key economic sectors. Main value chains are those that account for the greatest proportion of income in the local economy and those that provide income for the greatest number of people.