Occupational safety and health

Pesticide safety in action: Lessons from Myanmar

Vision Zero Fund is a project on occupational safety and health (OSH) working in Myanmar since May 2017 in the garment, ginger, and construction value chains. Handling agrochemicals brings risks to farmers and has been a significant OSH concern in the ginger value chain. As a result, in 2020, VZF commissioned a study to evaluate Myanmar’s legislative and policy framework related to the management of agrochemicals throughout their lifecycle (from formulation and packaging to disposal).

Based on the Study, Pesticide Safety in Action: Lessons from Myanmar, a note focuses on specific risk mitigation strategies identified as key areas requiring further development in the Myanmar context. The note inform a strategies that can be implemented practically in the field by those working with farmers and input retailers. The note highlights lessons learnt from Vision Zero Fund project activities as well as from those of other partners in the field, and references international examples to inform effective strategies to mitigate risks emanating from farmers’ handling and use of pesticides. It can be used by national and international organizations engaged in promoting agrochemical safety in Myanmar.