Needs Assessment of Educational Institutions in Yangon

The ILO has initiated the Myanmar Programme on the Elimination of Child Labour (MyPEC), which aims to address child labour in Myanmar through a multifaceted approach that includes collection of national level data, awareness raising, capacity-building, and policy formulation and development. As part of the programme, ILO will implement pilot interventions in selected communities in Dagon Seik Kan, Ye, and Labutta Townships in 2016. The pilot programmes will comprise of education and safe work for youth and livelihood services tailored to children and their families based on their needs and socioeconomic background, with a particular focus on increasing participation in education.

While child labour is undeniably a complex issue caused by many interconnected factors, it is known to be associated with low education and lack of educational opportunities. The main objective of this assessment is to provide key information on the educational context in the selected areas and potential linkages between poor access to education and quality of education with increased risk of child labour or other child protection issues among the MyPEC beneficiaries.