Voluntary Labour Compliance Assessment for Myanmar Garment Manufacturers Association

The current global market environment presents opportunities, but also challenging obstacles for Myanmar, which strives to enhance its share of exports in the garment sector. Attracting buyers and investments to generate sustainable and productive employment requires the political commitment of the industry, including that of the Myanmar Garment Manufacturers Association (MGMA) and its members. One of the pre-requisites for the growth and sustainability of the sector lies in the assurance toward the compliance with social and labour standards that meets the international community’s expectations.

The Voluntary Labour Compliance Assessment (VLCA) tool is a checklist of compliance points with Myanmar labour laws and some elements of the International Labour Standards. The tool has an introductory guide and an Excel component which calculates the compliance level of factories against national and international standards. VLCA is a new and important tool in the hands of the Myanmar Garment Manufacturers Association (MGMA) to support factory-members in their continuous efforts to improve labour compliance and social performance as well as their business’ reputation by meeting the expectations of customers and stakeholders. The VLCA provides a thorough, yet non-intrusive assessment of all the aspects related to labour compliance ranging from employment relations to working conditions and working environment, and including worker treatment and industrial relations practices.