Developing the capacity of Employer organizations in Myanmar to promote Decent Work principles and sustainable enterprises

Through this project, the ILO aims at developing the capacity of the central, selected sectorial (representing tourism and garment sectors) and regional organizations of business and employers in Myanmar.


The purpose of this is to effectively contribute to a better business environment, better workplace practices, and ultimately generate and sustain employment and improve livelihoods of the Myanmar people.

Technical assistance in the areas of research and analysis, institutional capacity building and supporting various regional and sectorial organizations, such as UMFCCI, MGMA and MTF, to develop and utilize practical tools and resources for employers will be provided.

This project builds upon and will focus on strengthening the capacity of employers and their organizations to positively impact and drive reforms at the national and regional levels as well is in garment and tourism industry.


  1. The capacity of the UMFCCI is strengthened to provide greater leadership for the Myanmar Business Community to promote sustainable enterprises and Decent Work principles
  2. Sectorial organizations have been provided with capacity and tools to provide services and guidance to enterprises to help improve working conditions and productivity and to respond more effectively to members’ needs


  1. UMFCCI plans for capacity building are developed and agreed
  2. Organizational and technical training to officials of UMFCCI provided
  3. MGMA capacity strengthened to provide relevant services to members
  4. Relevant products developed and localized for use in the Myanmar context

Expected outcome

It is envisaged that the project will be able to contribute to strengthening the capacity of employers’ organisations and sectorial organizations, in particular Tourism and Garment, to better represent their members and undertake important policy advocacy work.

It is hoped that the capacity built through the project interventions will contribute to improving the understanding and participation of representative organizations of business in Myanmar in newly developing bipartite and tripartite dialogue mechanisms, gain better understanding of international labour standards’ implications for employers and promote a more conducive business environment.