2016 Signing Ceremony of the Code of Conduct for Members of the Overseas Employment Agencies Federation in Myanmar

The Myanmar Overseas Employment Agencies Federation in collaboration with the Ministry of Labour, Immigration and Population and with technical input from the ILO TRIANGLE project have developed a Code of Conduct and a Monitoring Mechanism to develop ethical recruitment practices in Myanmar and create standards across the sector so potential migrants can be assured of safe and effective recruitment procedures. Since April when the Code was open for signing, 72 Overseas employment agents have signed the Code and on August 19th they will be issued with the Certificates. This will allow the Monitoring Mechnism to be put into place to monitor and rank the compliance of the agencies on the Code in the coming year.

This ceremony will be organised by: MOEAF, MOLIP, ILO with support from DFAT, and speakers are U Myo Aung (Permanent Secretary of Ministry of Labour, Immigration and Population), U Min Hlaing (Chairman of Myanmar Overseas Employment Agencies Federation), Mr. Rory Mungoven (Liaison Officer/ ILO Yangon) & Mr. Nilim Baruah (Regional Migration Specialist/ ILO Asia Pacific).