Strengthen the social dialogue

Briefing note | 08 June 2015
The main goal of social dialogue is to promote consensus building and democratic involvement among the main stakeholders in the world of work. In order to eradicate child labour, the Government, Workers’ and Employers' organizations, and civil society must continue to strengthen social dialogue, especially through the Technical Working Group on Child Labour. The members of this Working Group will focus on the elaboration of a list of hazardous work prohibited to all children under 18, and on the development of a National Plan of action on Child Labour.

A multi-stakeholders response

To fight Child labour, the stakeholders need to adopt a holistic approach, in order to tackle the diverse causes of this phenomenon. That is why child labour requires a cross disciplinary response, involving all relevant actors (Government, Employers and Workers organizations, and civil society). It is essential to include the fight against child labour at the heart of all concerns in all national development plans and programs, particularly those focused on poverty reduction and education reform, as well as in all decisions relating to the allocation and regular commitment of budgetary resources.