ILO-EC Conference

Industrial relations in Europe: Fostering equality at work and cross-country convergence?

The purpose of this conference is to identify the industrial relations mechanisms/systems and outcomes that contribute to equality at work (in areas such as wages, working time, level and quality of employment) and also to upward cross-border convergence in Europe that is defined as converging trends on a number of economic (such as GDP per capita, employment rate, etc.) and social indicators (such as reduction of poverty, social protection, etc.).

The key aim is to identify elements of a response to a number of questions:

- What are the major trends in the EU in terms of economic and social convergence?

- What type of policy measures, institutions, and actors play a determinant role in this process?

- What is the contribution of social dialogue to address the future changes in the world of work while limiting inequalities and promoting upward convergence?