ILO/EC Conference volume - Introduction

ILO/EC Conference - Inequalities and the World of Work: What Role for Industrial Relations and Social Dialogue?

Conference paper | 14 February 2017
Particular attention is paid in this volume to the contribution of the social partners and social dialogue in reaching agreements beneficial for both employers and workers, and balancing flexibility with security. All European countries have put in place a number of labour market reforms that have led to the emergence of new forms of employment contracts and relations that have affected working conditions. Collective bargaining coverage, mechanisms and contents have been progressively transformed along with the changes in the labour market, legal and policy reforms and the evolving economic and social context. The roles of actors – in particular workers’ and employers’ representatives – have been challenged and transformed.

This volume presents research to further explore the link between social dialogue indicators (collective bargaining coverage, trade union density, collective agreements, tripartite consultations and so on), social dialogue mechanisms (extension mechanisms, renewal of collective agreements and so on) and indicators of inequalities in the world of work.