Cash for work: Pilot programme 2013-2014 – Fiji and Solomon Islands experience

The brochure outlines the cash for work implementation process and its outcomes.

Cash for Work programmes are essentially social protection programmes, whereby the most disaster affected communities are able to quickly earn cash under ‘decent work’ conditions to enable them to get back on their feet, in return for participating in disaster clean up and restoration activities. They are usually of limited duration and fill the need for local communities while longer term rehabilitation measures are put in place and resumption of employment is possible.

Case 1: Solomon Islands
The ILO offered assistance in cleaning-up and rebuilding public infrastructure and common facilities through organizing a Cash for Work programme (CFW), following deadly flash floods in Honiara in April 2014.

Case 2: Fiji Village Relocation Project, Fiji (2013-14)
ILO assistance/implementation of the Cash for Work Plus Programme in Vunidogoloa Village Relocation Project, due to rising sea levels.