Preparedness for SME’s important to reduce loss of income during crisis

The International Labour Organization (ILO) conducted a training for business trainers in Vanuatu on Business Continuity Plans (BCP).

News | 08 May 2015
The objective of the training was to capacitate business trainers to support SME’s to build back their businesses and livelihoods to limit the losses of their future income. This was achieved through the trainers understanding concepts of business risks and disasters and developing BCP’s based on local business cases.

At the end of the training, the local business trainers decided to include a component on BCP in their current programs for mico business and develop a stand-alone BCP training for small and medium businesses.

The ILO trainer and Director of ILO Pacific Island Countries, Mr David Lamotte, also offered to work with the Vanuatu Chamber of Commerce & Industry (VCCI) to provide technical assistance to develop a simple and tailored package which could be used widely through the trainers.

“This training is very useful in light of the current need in Vanuatu. Many “mamma” micro businesses were affected by cyclone Pam and I will now take these learnings and use it in helping them”, said Ms Marie Shem from the Markets for Change Programme.

This training was attended by a cross section of local trainers from government departments to NGOs and individual trainers.

The head of the VCCI training department, Mr Arthur Edgell said that he was looking forward to work with the ILO to develop the training materials for Vanuatu and offer it as a course through its nationally certified training programmes.

“Topics relating to risks, is very specific to financial risks such as theft etc and this is a good opportunity to support our clients as no materials exists to prepare businesses for risks relating to crisis”, said Ms Luisa Letlet from the Corporative Department.

Mr Sam Kaiapam from who attended the ILO organised Start Your Business (SYB) training for persons with disabilities in Fiji two weeks ago also attended this training. He was very keen to incorporate his learnings from the training to support people with disabilities in business.

Mr Olsen Tama from the Vanuatu Institute of Technology (VIT) who attended the ILO organised Know About Business (KAB) training in Fiji last year, also attended this training. He was very keen to develop a component for students wanting to start businesses.

The ILO hopes to develop this network of local business trainers to support their capacity building, including establishing an association of business trainers.