ILO in Samoa

Samoa became a member of the ILO in 2005 and has ratified 10 ILO Conventions, including eight fundamental Conventions.
Samoa is an island nation in the Pacific comprising nine islands, four of which are inhabited. It has a population of 200,000, of whom 37.1 per cent are below 14 years of age. Some 40 per cent of the adult population are employed, with approximately 30 per cent working in agriculture, 25 per cent in industry, and 45 per cent in services. The bulk of informal employment is in the agriculture and fishing sector.
The ILO assists Samoa through technical engagement focusing on policy development, particularly in the areas of occupational safety and health and social protection. Initiatives are also taking place regarding labour migration and mobility.
The ILO Office in Samoa is supported by the ILO National Coordinator for Samoa, and reports to the ILO Office for Pacific Island Countries, in Suva, Fiji.