Publications by title


  1. 75 years of International Labour Statistics

    01 January 1994

    Article from the Bulleting of Labour Statistics celebrates three-quarters of a century of work by the ILO Bureau of Statistics in the field of labour statistics.


  1. A framework for measuring international labour migration based on a combination of data sources with numerical illustration in the case of Turkey

    10 November 2020

  2. A programme of wages statistics for the Caribbean

    01 March 1997

  3. An International Comparison of Unpaid Overtime Work Among Industrialized Countries

    01 September 2002

    The purpose of this paper is, firstly, to estimate the length of unpaid overtime work in Japan and the United States where direct data on the subject are not available , secondly, to compare these findings with other industrialized countries, such as the United Kingdom, Germany, and Canada, where the data are available, and lastly, to show the implications of the international comparison.

  4. Annexes to the Manual

    23 March 2011

    1. Survey Module Coding Book 2. Tools for Classification of Volunteer Work 3. Additional Data Elements 4. The Treatment of Volunteer Work by the ILO and the SNA 5. References

  5. Appendixes - Measuring informality

    04 October 2013

  6. Appendixes B1 to B9 to the manual: Measuring informality

    07 February 2013

    Appendixes B1 to B9: Extracts from national labour force survey questionnaires

  7. Appendixes C1 to C11 to the manual: Measuring informality

    07 February 2013

    Appendixes C1 to C11: Extracts from national economic census or survey questionnaires

  8. Appendixes D1 to D9 to the manual: Measuring informality

    07 February 2013

    Appendixes D1 to D9: Extracts from national mixed survey questionnaires

  9. Appendixes E1 to E2 to the manual: Measuring informality

    07 February 2013

    Appendixes E1 to E2: Proposed layout for tabulations

  10. Avoiding unemployment is not enough: An analysis of other forms of labour underutilization

    05 September 2018

    Discover the patterns around the world of unemployment and other forms of labour underutilization, including time-related underemployment, the potential labour force and over-education in Avoiding unemployment is not enough, the fourth issue of our series Spotlight on work statistics.


  1. Beyond the measurement of unemployment and underemployment

    11 March 2011

    The report of the ILO Working Group on Labour Underutilization entitled “Beyond Unemployment: Measurement of Other Forms of Labour Underutilization” (ILO 2008) revisits the appropriateness of the current international standards concerning the statistical measurement of employment and unemployment. It suggests that the standard indicator of unemployment is maintained, while at the same time it calls for the introduction of supplementary indicators of various dimensions of underemployment.


  1. Capturing impacts on employment and unpaid work using Rapid Surveys

    22 May 2020

    Lack of data on how households and workers are being impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic can severely affect the formulation of programmes and policies aimed to help those in most need. In times of crisis, rapid surveys may be a alternative source of information where official household surveys such as LFS have been halted or postponed. This note provides modules for rapid surveys to shed light on the COVID-19 impacts on paid and unpaid work.

  2. Coding occupation and industry in a population census

    01 June 2001

    This working paper covers issues which must be addressed when questions related to ‘occupation’ and ‘industry’ are to be included in a population census.

  3. Comparison of occupational mortality between the Nordic countries and Japan, with analysis by age group in Japan, using micro-data and the Statistical Pattern Analysis (SPA) method

    01 January 2002

  4. Compilation and presentation of labour statistics based on administrative records

    01 January 1998

  5. Conceptual Framework for Statistics on Work Relationships

    02 June 2020

  6. Constructing a map of the world of work: How to develop the structure and contents of a national standard classification of occupations

    01 July 1995

    This Working Paper presents practical guidelines for those who want to develop a National Standard Classification of Occupations (NSCO) with definitions and descriptions of the component groups.

  7. Consumer Price Index Manual - Concepts and Methods | 2020

    19 November 2020

    The manual provides an overview of the methods and practices national statistical offices should consider when making decisions on how to deal with the various problems in the compilation of a consumer price index (CPI). It is an update of the 2004 CPI manual.

  8. Consumer Price Index: Business Continuity Guidance

    26 May 2020