Feasibility study for a global business network on apprenticeship

There is a growing interest in apprenticeship in the business world due to its potential to make a meaningful contribution to resolving the youth employment crisis and the prospect of developing a well-trained and productive workforce. In response to the interest expressed by business leaders, the ILO, in collaboration with the International Employers Organization, conducted a feasibility study to explore options for developing a global business network on apprenticeships for youth employment.

The research gathered information from businesses about their current apprenticeship programmes and sought their views on how an international network could be valuable to them. This field work was carried out in six countries: Argentina, India, Germany, South Africa, Turkey, and the United Kingdom. On the basis of information and experience collected from businesses and other interested parties in selected sectors and countries, the study documented country apprenticeship practices, explored the expected mandate and objectives of this network, identified the types of services that would be valued, ascertained the possible degree of commitment of potential members, and examined options for the network’s governance structure and viable financing mechanisms.