SKOLKOVO launches “Managing VET institutions" computer simulator training sessions for moderators in Armenia

20 moderators participated in the training session, which was held completely on-line.

Article | Krasnoyarsk, Russian Federation | 01 July 2020
E-training, by SKOLKOVO
Yerevan - Moscow - 20 moderators participated in the training session, which was held completely on-line. The participants represent organizations that are planning to use the simulator in their retraining programs: the National Center of Vocational Education and Training Development, the National Center for Educational Technologies, the Yerevan State College of Informatics and the National Polytechnic University of Armenia Foundation. After concluding the training session, moderators are expected to conduct the simulator training for directors of Armenian TVET institutions independently.

The Moscow School of Management SKOLKOVO in cooperation with the ILO is implementing the project “Applying the G20 Training Strategy: A partnership of the ILO and the Russian Federation" (Phase 2). The goal of the project is to develop and support TVET managers and related specialists to face the challenges of rapidly adapting to evolving economic and labour market contexts. 5 countries are participating in the project: Jordan, Vietnam, Republic of Armenia, Republic of Kyrgyzstan, Republic of Belarus. The SKOLKOVO Education Development Center has developed the “Managing VET institutions” computer simulator and is adapting it for each participating country. With the help of the simulator managers are provided with a comprehensive view of the modern TVET organizational structure, they also get acquainted with the best international practices and modern approaches in TVET management, as well as are guided to the development of decision-making skills under conditions of uncertainty.