Applying the G20 Training Strategy in Viet Nam (Phase 2)

Update of the ILO's Career Guidance Toolbox in Viet Nam


- August 2019: Working Group, begins the updating process of the toolbox

- November 2019: VCCI to organize aCareer Guidance Day in Vinh Phuc Province. Introduction of the toolbox to the Network of Employment Service Centers through the Bureau of Employment, MOLISA

- December 2019: Introduction of the Toolbox to Ba Ria Vung Tau province through the university of Ba Ria Vung Tau; and to An Giang Province through the Enhance/ILO Project.

Article | Viet Nam | 20 December 2019

Career Guidance Day in Vinh Phuc

Vinh Phuc, 11 November 2019 -The Career Guidance Day was organized by VCCI and Vinh Phuc Business Association and counted with the participation of 200 pupils and students from Viet Xo Vocational College Number 1; Vinh Phuc Vocational College; Vinh Phuc Economics and Technical Vocational College; Nguyen Thai Hoc High School; Vinh Yen High School. Five of the biggest companies established in Vinh Phuc were present at the event, among those: Cosmos Company Ltd; VIPC1 Company Ltd; Toyota Viet Nam; Piago Viet Nam; Prime Corporate.

Company representatives did presentations about the need for skilled workers in their specific fields, the policies of the company in recruitment, training, payment among other informative employment issues. Pupils and students had the opportunity to raise questions to company representatives, which helped them to understand better the realities of the world of work, as well as the expectations from employers. Moreover, test interviews conducted directly by company HR managers were conducted, aimed at helping young people understand better the current recruitment processes and reflect on how they can prepare themselves for their first job search.

This is the first time I join a Career Guidance Day, I learnt many things about the industry, and what they need in terms of worker's skills. I feel so motivated."

Thai, 17 years-old student from Vinh Yen High Schoo
The event also included a policy discussion with the participation of government, businesses, schools and international organizations about human resource development current situation, opportunities and challenges. After the success of the Career Guidance Day, Vinh Phuc Province will organize the Training of Trainers for Career Guidance professionals, the training is planned for 2020, when the ILO aims to have finalized the Toolbox update.

Introduction of the Career Guidance Toolbox in Ba Ria Vung

Ba Ria Vung Tau, 6 December 2019 -
The ILO’s Career Guidance Toolbox has been initially introduced to Ba Ria Vung Tau province through the Department of Education and Training and Funded by Nguyen Hoang Education Group, the presentation benefited from the participation of 500 teachers and managers of secondary schools, high schools, as well as regular training centers. The Chairman of the Provincial People Committee Nguyen Thanh Tinh welcome the ILO Toolbox and commit the support of the Province in applying largely the toolbox for a better channeling of vocational training for young people in the Province.

The partners in Ba Ria -Vung Tau province have also shown their interest to have a Training of Trainers (ToT) after the introduction, so that all the teachers are able to appropriately include Toolbox activities within their classes. The ILO in collaboration with Ministry of Education and Training (MOET) commits to share the updated Toolbox once it is finalized and to organize the ToT with experts from MOET who are member of the updating-toolbox working group. 

Introduction of the ILO’s Career Guidance Toolbox to the Vietnamese Chamber of Commerce and Industry

Ninh Binh, 9-10 December 2019 - Trainers and staff working for Vietnam Chamber of Commerce and Industry (VCCI) received a two-day training on Vocational Guidance and the use of the customized ILO Toolbox. The training organized in NInh Binh Province and was held from 9 to 10 December 2019 was conducted by DVET/MOLISA. It is expected that at a later stage a formal ToT Career Guidance will be organized.

Introduction of the ILO’s Career Guidance in Phu Tho Province

Phu Tho Province, 22 November 2019 - The toolbox was introduced to participants from 63 Employment Services centres nationwide and to more than 200 teachers, who are in charge of conselling at secondary and high schools levels in the Phu Tho Province and its surroundings.