Decent and sustainable work in the inland waterways sector

Report for the Technical Meeting on Decent and Sustainable Work in the Inland Waterways Sector (Geneva, 20–24 November 2023)

Inland navigation plays a crucial role in transportation, especially in landlocked countries and places where it is the only available means of transport, both for persons and goods (for example, Latin America, Africa, South-East Asia). It may be vital for remote and rural communities and serve essential social purposes on lakes.

Chapter 1 contains an overview of the IWW sector in terms of its role and structure, employment, and other parameters. Chapter 2 sets out the trends and developments shaping the sector, with a focus on environmental sustainability and technological advances. Chapter 3 describes the challenges and opportunities for decent and sustainable work in inland water transport (IWT) in relation to governance, social dialogue, sustainable enterprises, sustainability of employment, fundamental principles and rights at work, minimum requirements for work on board, conditions of service, safety, health and well-being, social protection, and enforcement.