The ILO Knowledge for Prevention Initiative: A proposal for discussion

This document introduces a new ILO proposal for promoting and supporting international networking in occupational safety and health (OSH).

Meeting document | ILO International Training Centre, Turin, Italy | 01 November 2013
The document builds on the past experience and traditions of CIS as well as on the outcomes of strategic discussions on possible future orientations, products and services, notably since discussions held in Orlando (2005), London (2008 & 2010), and Geneva (2011 & 2012) during which numerous institutions discussed the role of the ILO in global knowledge management in OSH. The main ideas in the current proposal were introduced during the 50th meeting of the CIS network.

The proposal highlights some of the challenges in relation to OSH knowledge and information around the world, and brings attention on the role the network of CIS Centres is called to play in enhancing access to quality knowledge and information for the purpose of prevention. It points to the necessity for the network to reassert its true purpose by defining its work programme, and adopting a new structure and governance modalities for its effective implementation. Strategic objectives are proposed and indications of possible outputs to serve the purpose of the network are provided. The document concludes by suggesting a possible way forward in terms of practical steps for making the CIS network a collective undertaking for prevention worldwide.