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ILC security arrangements

As the International Labour Conference takes place in the United Nations Geneva headquarters building, the Palais des Nations, as well as in the ILO headquarters building, participants at the Conference must respect the security requirements in force for entry to the ILO, and those for entry to the United Nations. The two Conference sites are ten minutesí walk from each other, and are also linked by a shuttle bus service.

In all events, it will be necessary to obtain a security badge to enter the two buildings. Delegates to the International Labour Conference are able to register and collect their badges at the ILO Pavilion, which is situated near the main vehicle access gate to the ILO grounds, on route des Morillons, provided that the Office has received their credentials. For this, see Registration. Badges must be worn visibly at all times. The United Nations security guards may make spot checks on participants, who must also carry national identity documents, with a photograph, in confirmation of their entry badges.

Visitors to the International Labour Conference may be issued with special visitorsí badges on presentation, at the ILO Pavilion, of a national identity document bearing a photograph. Visitors' badges are valid for access to the Palais des Nations only if they are accompanied by the aforementioned national ID, which may be kept as security on a daily basis.

For access to the Palais des Nations, a dedicated visitorsí shuttle bus (specially marked) will depart from the ILO and visitors will be required to alight upon arrival at the main Palais des Nations gate to undergo UN security service scrutiny,prior to admission to UN premises.

Visitors shall adhere at all times to instructions as may be issued by security staff. They may observe public sittings only from the public gallery of the relevant meeting room and are not permitted to sit in the main body of the hall. Visitors are requested to ensure that they in no way interfere with the orderly conduct of meetings.


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