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Work in Conference committees

The first meeting of the Selection Committee will be held immediately after the opening session.

Arrangements have been made for preparatory group meetings, at which the groups deal with administrative questions and select their Officers, on Tuesday 4 June from 15.00 onwards. This is to allow the technical committees of the Conference to commence their work immediately following the opening of the Conference, on the morning of Wednesday, 5 June. The location of each meeting will be shown in the Daily Bulletin of that day and will be displayed on Conference meeting information boards. The tentative schedule of work for each committee will be adopted by the committee during its first sitting.

Full group meetings are scheduled on Tuesday, 4 June as follows:

  • Governments: Palais des Nations, Room XVII, 14.30-16.30
  • Employers: ILO, Governing Body Room, 16.30-18.00
  • Workers: Palais des Nations, Room XIX, 15.00-18.00

Members of delegations wishing to speak at committee meetings should give their names to the Chairperson or secretariat of the committee. Speakers are usually called in the order in which their names are received, at the discretion of the Chairperson. Statements should be as brief as possible.

Representatives of international non-governmental organizations may only take the floor after obtaining the formal authorization of the Officers of the committees.

To facilitate the work of committee secretariats, delegates are requested always to sit in the same places.

Proposed amendments to texts must be communicated to the secretariat in writing.

Space permitting, the public is admitted to committee meetings, unless a committee decides otherwise, or if it is contrary to the Standing Orders of the Conference.


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