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Access to the Palais des Nations and the ILO

Delegates, participants and visitors to the International Labour Conference are reminded that it is necessary to register at the ILO Pavilion before they can gain access to the main Conference site in the Palais des Nations (the Assembly Building).

Access by car

There are very restricted parking facilities at the Palais des Nations. Vehicles which have been allocated parking rights must display an ILO Conference sticker (obtained from the Information and Registration Desks). Delegates arriving by car are advised to park at the ILO and to use the shuttle service between the ILO and the Palais des Nations.

Taxis do not have access to the grounds of the Palais des Nations and must pick up and drop off passengers in front of the Pregny gate, which is the nearest entrance to the Assembly Building.

Access by public transport

By bus from Geneva train station, Cornavin, in the centre of town, the F, V, Z and No. 8 lines all stop at Appia, convenient for the Pregny entrance to the Palais des Nations. The No. 15 tramline and bus lines 5 and 11 stop at the Place des Nations, ten minutesí walk from the Assembly Building. The bus timetable and network map may be consulted on

Bus passes

All participants staying at hotels,youth hostels or campsites in Geneva can benefit from a free Geneva transport card. The personal, non-transferable card is issued on registration at the place of residence, and entitles its holder to the use of the entire public transport network without restriction (bus, train and boat). It is valid for the duration of the stay in Geneva,including the day of departure. The aim of this initiative on the part of the Genevan authorities is to promote sustainable development by encouraging the use of collective transport.

For those participants not staying at hotels, youth hostels or campsites in Geneva, bus cards may be purchased from the Naville newsagent in the Palais des Nations, and from newsagents, tobacconists and TPG kiosks in Geneva.

A shuttle-bus will run between door 15 of the entrance to the Assembly Building of the Palais des Nations and door 1 of the ILO building on Conference working days from 7.30 a.m. until the end of meetings.

No luggage may be taken into the Palais des Nations. Delgates are advised to keep their luggage at their hotels.

N.B. Members of delegations should kindly inform the Conference of any problems they may encounter with the local authorities that prevent them wholly or partially from exercising their official functions at the Conference.


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