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Selected full-text articles

A selection of articles, perspectives and book reviews is now available here in full text.

  • "A legal perspective on the economic crisis of 2008", by Alain Supiot, 2010/2 [view PDF]
  • "Incomplete crisis responses: Socio-economic costs and policy implications", by Raymond Torres, 2010/2 [view PDF]
  • "The global crisis, social protection and jobs", by Joseph Stiglitz, 2009/1-2 [view PDF]
  • "An equilibrium analysis of the gender wage gap", by Graciela Chichilnisky and Elisabeth Hermann Frederiksen, 2008/4 [view PDF]
  • "Social protection in Chile: Reforms to improve equity", by Carmelo Mesa-Lago, 2008/4 [view PDF ]
  • "International labour standards: Recent developments in complementarity between the international and national supervisory systems" in Notes, debates and communications, by Eric Gravel and Quentin Delpech, 2008/4 [view PDF]
  • "Labour law and new forms of corporate organization", by Marie-Laure Morin, 2005/1 [view PDF 177 Kb]
  • "The social dimension of globalization: A review of the literature", by Bernhard G. Gunter and Rolph van der Hoeven, 2004/1-2 - [view PDF 472 Kb]
  • "Decent work: Concept and indicators", by Dharam Ghai, 2003/2 - [view PDF 164 Kb]
  • "Employment, social justice and societal well-being", by Joseph E. Stiglitz, 2002/1 - [view PDF 254 Kb]
  • "Can the digital divide be contained?", by Duncan Campbell, 2001/2 - [view PDF 289 Kb]
  • "Work and rights", by Amartya Sen, 2000/2 - [view PDF 85 Kb]
  • "ILO principles concerning collective bargaining", by Bernard Gernigon, Alberto Odero and Horacio Guido, 2000/1 - [view PDF 173 Kb]
  • "A social conscience in the global marketplace? Labour dimensions of codes of conduct, social labelling and investor initiatives", by Janelle Diller, 1999/2 - [view PDF 173 Kb]
  • "Innovations in labour statistics", Perspectives, 1999/1 - [view PDF 411 Kb]
  • "Differences in occupational earnings by sex", by Derek Robinson, 1998/1 - [view PDF 174 Kb]
  • "Part-time work: Solution or trap", Perspectives, 1997/4 - [view]
  • "Child labour: How the challenge is being met", Perspectives, 1997/2 - [view PDF 107 Kb]
  • "Perspectives on work: Introduction", by Alain Supiot, 1996/6 - [view]
  • "Introduction: 75 years of the International Labour Review, a retrospective", 1996/3-4 - [view]

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