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Session on:
Social Security and Employment 

Issues to discuss


1        The need to effectively and efficiently protect the whole population against socio-economic insecurity


         maximize the actual coverage to all insurable population through the enforcement of compliance


         maintain accumulated social insurance rights and entitlements of insured persons, who for various reasons have left their previous insured employment or interrupted the payment of contributions


         gradually extend the legal coverage to all of the excluded with a current focal point on those in flexible form of employment   


2       The need to strengthen the functioning of the unemployment protection system and its role in employment promotion 


         ensure the delivery of unemployment benefits payable in various forms - living allowance to the layoffs still remaining in the Re-employment Centres, UI benefits to the insured unemployed persons and means-tested minimum living payments to the qualified families.


         effectively monitor unemployment status of benefit recipients to target the needed with limited funds and strengthen the financial planning, capacity and solidarity funds  of UI schemes to prepare them to cope with new challenges.


         reinforce the link between the UI system and active labour market policies by allocating more funds to training and other employment-promoting  activities to assist the unemployed in re-employment.


National and international experiences on these issues will be shared.



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