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Session on:
Public Employment Services and Employment Protection for
Vulnerable Groups

Issues to discuss


1  Addressing the needs of vulnerable groups – international experience 

  • Labour market programmes for vulnerable groups – experience of one industrialized (Sweden) and one transition country (Hungary) 

  • Partnerships with private employment agencies in serving vulnerable groups

Presentations and the general discussion will focus on: 

  • What are the overall current problems and challenges in addressing the needs of vulnerable groups?

  • What unique labour market barriers do vulnerable groups face?

  • What government policies have been implemented to address these unique barriers?

  • How can incentive mechanisms be developed and implemented to promote improved employment services to vulnerable groups?

  • What successful programme models have been developed to address the needs of vulnerable groups and what are their measurable outcomes?

2   Chinese experience with programmes for vulnerable groups 

  • Profile of the Chinese PES and employment programme for vulnerable groups

  • Presentations of one or two successful local initiatives aimed at vulnerable groups

  • Assessment of PES employment programmes by the All-China Women’s Federation

General discussion with participation of both Chinese and international experts



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