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Women worker at clothing factory


Session on:
Labour Mobility and Employment

Issues to discuss

1   Labour mobility and employment: Current situation

  • Scale of labour migration and characteristics of migrant workers

  • Impact of institutional and policy changes on migration

  • Problems relating to wage differentials, working conditions, social protection, access to jobs and employment services for migrant workers

2   Social and economic impact of labour mobility

  • Migration and employment, growth, income distribution and urban-rural disparities

  • Integration of regional as well as rural and urban labour markets

  • The impact of migration on labour-exporting and labour-importing areas

3   Labour migration: Challenges and problems

  • Surplus rural labour

  • Low levels of education and skills of migrant worker from rural areas and skill mismatches in urban areas

  • Incompatible social protection systems and employment promotion measures in rural and urban areas

  • Unequal and unfair treatment of migrant workers in urban areas, lack of employment and income security and greater vulnerability of women migrants

4   Current policies and recommendations for improvement

  • Assessment of existing legislation and policies

  • Recommendations for policy responses


International experience: Lessons learned and good practices 



Garment cutter at clothing factory





Training at the loom at a pilot textile factory


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