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Plenary session  on:
Gender and Employment 

Issues to discuss 

1   Findings of the Survey on the Status of Women in China and policy recommendations

It is suggested that the presentation provides a brief account of the major findings of the survey (the major problems encountered by women as identified by the Survey and their analysis). It should mainly focus on policy recommendations as to what measures need to be taken at the policy and operational levels, in order to narrow the existing inequalities between women and men. The importance of formulating gender-sensitive employment policies (dispelling the notion of gender-neutrality of employment policies) should be highlighted.

2   Implications of China’s WTO membership for women’s employment in China.

It is suggested that the presentation provides an overview of the research being undertaken on this subject in China, focusing on the major issues being addressed as well as the inter-relationship of competitiveness, growth, equity and gender equality. The presentation may also highlight the importance of strengthening the gender dimension of the research and studies being carried out so far on implications of China’s WTO membership on employment. 

3   Promoting equality between women and men through gender-sensitive 

    employment polices

It is suggested that the presentation provides an overview of the latest developments in formulating gender-sensitive employment policies at the national and regional levels (such as the EU). Highlighting the importance of gender mainstreaming as a strategy to promote equality between women and men.



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