South-South and triangular cooperation publications


  1. Global South-South Development Expo 2013

    Sustainable Development and Decent Work Solution Forum

    Within the Global South-South Development (GSSD) Expo that took place in Nairobi from 28 October to 1 November 2013, the ILO Solution Forum focused on projects concerning sustainable development and decent work in a variety of contexts worldwide.

  2. Publication

    Workers and Employers from Portuguese-speaking countries adopt Brasilia Declaration on combating child labour through South-South cooperation

    Representatives from the Business Confederation of the CPLP (CE-CPLP) and the Confederation of Trade Unions of the Portuguese-speaking Countries (CSPLP), signed the Brasilia Bipartite Declaration in August 2013 reaffirming the commitment of the workers' and employers' organizations to combat child labour in the CPLP sphere.

  3. Event

    Brazil’s Contribution to the ILO’s South-South Cooperation Strategy - VII Annual Review Meeting, Geneva, 18 June 2013

    ILO South-South and Triangular Cooperation (SSTC) with Brazil has considerably up-scaled and is now effective in the four strategic objectives under the 2008 Declaration, as well as under the areas of critical importance. Brazil has been recognized as a prominent actor and model for ILO SSTC in the Programme and Budget for 2012-2013 and in the recently approved Programme and Budget for 2014-2015. Its role as a tripartite facilitator of SSTC with MERCOSUR, Portuguese-speaking countries in Africa (PALOP), and in the framework of the CPLP is also recognized in the ILO's Strategy for SSTC, adopted by the Governing Body in 22 March 2012.

  4. PARDEV Newsletter No. 37

    South-South Exchanges on Social and Solidarity Economy

    2013 Academy on Social and Solidarity Economy: An opportunity to enhance youth employment (Agadir, Morocco, April 2013); UN Research Institute on Social Development (UNRISD) – ILO Conference on Social and Solidarity Economy promotes participation by researchers from the Global SouthGeneva, 6-8 May 2013)

  5. Publication

    South-South Cooperation and Decent Work: Good Practices

    The Good Practices Guide on South-South and Triangular Cooperation is part of the ILO's commitment to the promotion of South-South and triangular cooperation, and is targeted at governments, workers, employers, and civil society to help them learn from initiatives based on southern solutions that have proven effective in promoting decent work. SSTC provides an important mechanism to leverage resources and expertise – in particular by facilitating the transfer of knowledge and experience of the world of work in the Global South. It is necessary to systematize the collection and dissemination of such projects. Knowledge sharing is central to South-South and triangular cooperation, and greater visibility needs to be given to scalable and replicable initiatives through a good practices guide accessible on the web.


  1. Press release

    Global Network of Cities, Local and Regional Government and ILO organize South-South event on the informal sector in Maputo

  2. Event

    Global South-South Development Forum 2012

    The 2012 Global South-South Development Expo in Vienna (Austria) placed the spotlight on Energy and Climate Change. The ILO Solution Forum on Energy, Climate Change and Decent Work (20 November) covered inclusive access to decent work, follow-up to Rio+20, green jobs, social protection and the promotion of workers’ rights in the field of renewable energy and climate change.

  3. Article

    ITUC briefing note: What are South-South and Triangular Cooperation?

    Civil society organizations (CSOs) are playing an important role in strengthening South-South cooperation.

  4. Document

    New India-Brazil-South Africa Declaration on South-South cooperation for decent work

  5. Press release

    China and ILO sign south-south cooperation agreement

    The Vice Minister of Human Resources and Social Security of the People’s Republic of China, Mr Wang Xiaochu, and the Director-General of the lLO, Mr Juan Somavia have signed a US$1 million partnership agreement.

  6. NGLS Roundup, June 2012

    NGLS Roundup June 2012: The ILO and Rio+20: South-South perspectives

  7. Event

    Brazil’s Contribution to the ILO’s South-South Cooperation Strategy - An overview: 2010-2012 - VI Annual Review Meeting, Brasilia, 17-18 May 2012

  8. Web page

    IBSA International Conference on South-South Cooperation

    he IBSA (India-Brazil-South Africa) trilateral development initiative has been a major driver of South-South cooperation and exchanges. Even though it is not new, South-South cooperation has become more visible in recent years with the intensification of technical, cultural, economic and political exchanges between countries,

  9. Publication

    ILO-Brazil Joint Declaration on Humanitarian Assistance

    Following the establishment of a three-year programme on 27 October 2010 aimed at enhancing the capacity of countries to respond to social and natural disasters, Brazil and the ILO will further consider ways to provide humanitarian assistance to populations in countries at risk and to encourage prevention, rehabilitation and recovery by strengthening institutions and promoting tools for sustainable development.

  10. Meeting document

    South–South and triangular cooperation: The way forward

    In the present document, the Governing Body is invited to consider, and possibly endorse, an ILO Strategy on South–South and triangular cooperation, in accordance with the direction set out in the Programme and Budget for 2012–13 (see the draft decision in paragraph 11).


  1. South-South in Action

    South-South in Action: Winter 2011 issue

    Covers a social protection floor for fair and inclusive globalization, Brazil's contribution to the ILO strategy, food security, the role of IBSA, and the Global Labour University

  2. I-News

    ILO highlights growing South-South and Triangular Cooperation activities

    The International Labour Office (ILO) has participated in more than 100 initiatives of South-South Cooperation, according to information provided during a panel discussion with representatives of donor countries , governments, workers and employers during the ILO’s 100th annual Conference in Geneva.


  1. Development cooperation

    Declaration of intent between the Government of the Federative Republic of Brazil, the Government of India, the Government of South Africa and the International Labour Organization (ILO)

    Adopted at the Global South-South Development Expo, ILO, Geneva, November 2010

  2. Cooperation against Child Labour

    Brazil, U.S. and ILO to expand fight against child labour in post-earthqake Haiti - first ILO North-South-South "triangular agreement"

    Brazil and the United States have joined forces to expand the fight against child labour in Haiti, in the first “triangular agreement” on North-South-South cooperation to be signed under the auspices of the International Labour Organization (ILO).