South-South and Triangular Cooperation: Decent Work Good Practices on the Road to BAPA +40 and beyond

South-South and triangular cooperation (SSTC) provides an important mechanism to leverage resources and expertise – in particular by facilitating the transfer of knowledge and experience relevant to the world of work in the Global South. In this regard, the need to systematise the collection and dissemination of relevant projects is of the utmost importance.
This Good Practices Collection is part of ILO’s commitment to the promotion of South-South and triangular cooperation through its strategy: “South-South and triangular cooperation: The way forward” in 2012 and its 2018 summary: “ILO South–South and triangular cooperation and decent work: Recent developments and future steps”.
This compilation pulls together key good practices in the ILO promoting the Decent Work Agenda through SSTC in 2018-2019, as a basis for discussion at BAPA+40. They are presented in three ways: by region, at the global level, and at ITC Turin.
This publication is the result of the commitment and dedication of the South-South Team of the ILO Partnerships and Field Support Department, but would not have been possible without the contribution of ILO colleagues at headquarters and in the field.