ILO supports South-South cooperation between Kyrgyzstan and Mongolia in the framework of PAGE

Kyrgyzstan and Mongolia have been partners in the Partnership for Action on Green Economy (PAGE) since 2016 and 2013 respectively. Mongolia has already achieved significant results and has demonstrated strong leadership and ownership, achieving sustainable results with the support of PAGE. With the support of the ILO, Mongolia shared its experience with peers in Kyrgyzstan. The Government of Mongolia has recognized the challenges of transitioning to a more socially inclusive and environmentally friendly economy, given its high economic growth on the back of its mining boom. South-South Cooperation between Kyrgyzstan and Mongolia provided an opportunity to build and strengthen mutual exchanges on green economy policy development and practice between the two neighbouring countries. This is key to the successful implementation of green economy objectives. Today, Kyrgyzstan is starting to promote green economy, and the experience of other countries is of major importance and value.