South-South and Triangular Cooperation

GSSD 2013 - Sustainable Development and Decent Work Solution Forum: Presentation 5: SENAI, Brazil, Triangular Cooperation for Vocational Training and Skills Development (Public-Private Partnership)

SENAI, in partnership with SENATI and the German Cooperation Agency (GIZ), entered into a cooperation agreement whose main outcome was the creation of the Centre for Environmental Technologies (CTA) based in Peru. The Centre trains professionals in areas related to clean production and environmental conservation. It also aims at providing technical capacity building in research and laboratory services in areas such as water and sanitation, clean air and clean development mechanisms, land and recuperation of degraded landscape, solid waste, clean production and energy efficiency. In addition, it offers continuing education courses on environmental community-based monitoring, environmental monitoring (technical level) and eco-efficiency. SENATI is responsible for the implementation and management of the CTA with international technical support from SENAI, the Brazilian counterpart and GIZ, the German Counterpart. The Peruvian Agency for International Cooperation together with the Brazilian Agency for International Cooperation are in charge of the political coordination of this project and of GIZ’s participation. The Centre has developed a marketing and communications strategy as well as a monitoring and evaluation framework to measure impact and outcomes. The estimated duration of the project is three years (December 2010 to June 2014) with a total budget of more than US$5.2 million (SENAI, 2013). Upon completion of the project, the centre will be managed solely by SENATI.