South-South Cooperation and Decent Work: Good Practices

The Good Practices Guide on South-South and Triangular Cooperation is part of the ILO's commitment to the promotion of South-South and triangular cooperation, and is targeted at governments, workers, employers, and civil society to help them learn from initiatives based on southern solutions that have proven effective in promoting decent work. SSTC provides an important mechanism to leverage resources and expertise – in particular by facilitating the transfer of knowledge and experience of the world of work in the Global South. It is necessary to systematize the collection and dissemination of such projects. Knowledge sharing is central to South-South and triangular cooperation, and greater visibility needs to be given to scalable and replicable initiatives through a good practices guide accessible on the web.

This SSTC good practices collection focuses on solutions that illustrate the thorough involvement of ILO constituents and partners in realizing the four strategic objectives of the Organization. It has an informative and an inspirational value. It aims to expand understanding of SSTC at the global level by providing a sound basis for discussion. The potential of the results-based practices presented in this guide is immense to help governments and social partners develop and adapt initiatives to face the employment-related challenges that lie ahead. This guide highlights the efforts made on this front and seeks to serve as inspiration for further initiatives to advance the Millennium Development Goals other international agreed development goals, and to address well as the post-2015 development challenges.