The ILO and the private sector: Combating HIV and AIDS together

AIDS is a workplace issue because it has a marked impact on workers, their families and dependants, enterprises, and national economies. Discrimination and stigmatization against both women and men living with HIV threaten fundamental principles and rights at work, and undermine efforts to provide prevention, treatment, care and support.

The workplace has a vital role to play in the wider struggle to limit the spread and effects of the pandemic. It can facilitate access for all workers in every country to HIV prevention, treatment, care and support.

HIV infection is wholly preventable if timely action is taken. If workers living with HIV are placed on effective treatment, they can continue leading a normal productive life for many years.

Through various partnerships, including with the private sector, the ILO is working to develop and implement policies and programmes to protect workers from HIV infection and facilitate equal access to care, treatment and support and social protection for all those who are living with or affected by HIV and AIDS.