Public-Private partnerships

The ILO and Public-Private partnerships: An Alliance for the Future

Public-private partnerships (PPPs) have played an important role in promoting decent work around the world for more than a decade, mobilizing resources, knowledge and expertise to aid the work of the Office. Since their inception, the number of partnerships has increased steadily, most rapidly in the past four years. The ILO continues to promote the development of PPPs as an effective and collaborative way of leveraging its values, principles and standards in today’s rapidly changing world of work. The tripartite nature of the ILO has been critically important in building such partnerships, particularly through its direct relationship with constituents in the private sector.

Partnerships have been forged with enterprises, multinationals, foundations, universities and research and knowledge centres, NGOs and other non-state actors, as well as with employers’ and workers’ organizations. Among the main advantages of partnering with the ILO is its role as the custodian of a sound and effective set of international labour standards, and its diverse and extensive expertise in all areas related to the world of work. There is growing awareness that the Decent Work Agenda is good for business and the social partners, and conducive to gains in productivity and competitiveness, respect for labour rights and access to new markets.