Guidance for INGO invitations for the 111th International Labour Conference, 2023

The deadline for requesting an invitation to the 111th International Labour Conference is February 13th 2023. In this respect, please take note of the following information:
  • The request should be submitted in writing on a paper with your organization's letterhead. A scanned copy is sufficient.
  • Requests will be processed only between January 2nd 2023 and February 13th 2023. If your request is received, an acknowledgement letter is sent directly to the correspondents in the following dates. If no acknowledgement is received, please make sure to send your request again to including in copy
  • Click here for the Agenda of the 111th Session of the ILC 
  • Decisions on requests for invitation will be submitted to the March session of Governing Body. No decision will be made prior to this session.
  • INGOs will be informed directly of the status of their request in April 2023.
  • Practical arrangements for INGOs to follow the ILC will be communicated as soon as they are available, following decisions made by the Governing body (either in November 2022 or March 2023).
Please note that INGOs submitting their first request for invitation as observers should submit, in addition to the letter requesting an invitation, the following documents:
  • A copy of their status or by-laws
  • A list of their members or affiliated organisations
  • The latest available activity report
  • The latest financial report indicating their sources of income as well as the distribution of their expenses.