Japan and the ILO: A partnership for development

The Government of Japan and the ILO in Asia and the Pacific enjoy a long-standing partnership that has, through their joint efforts, brought many improvements in the world of work.

The Japanese Government’s technical support for the ILO in the region began in 1974, with the organization of regional seminars on a range of labour issues. By the 1980’s Japan’s engagement had expanded to support individual development projects across the region.

Working in close coordination with governments, workers’ and employers’ organizations, and other multi-lateral bodies, the Japan-funded projects respond to a range of national concerns such as unemployment, social protection, child labour, labour migration, occupational safety and health, green business practices and the formalization of informal economies.

Japan’s financial contribution to ILO project work is about US$4 million per year. The projects have covered more than 20 ILO member States.

Currently, Japanese-supported projects are mainly implemented through the ILO/Japan Multi-bilateral Programme and the UN Trust Fund for Human Security.