Denmark - ILO Cooperation

Denmark is a founding member State of the ILO, and a key partner of the ILO in promoting the Decent Work Agenda. Denmark has ratified the eight Fundamental Conventions, the four Priority Conventions, and 60 Technical Conventions.
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Denmark's strategic contribution to the ILO

Denmark funds the ILO through:

  • Assessed contributions to ILO’s Regular Budget, paid by all ILO Member States by virtue of their membership. From 2017-2021, Denmark contributed US$ 11.0 million.
  • Voluntary core funding contributions provided by eight ILO donors as a pool of un-earmarked, flexible resources allocated by the ILO to strategic areas and emerging priorities. From 2017-2021, Denmark contributed US$ 11.5 million
  • Voluntary, non-core funding contributions provided as earmarked funds for priority programmes and projects in addition to assessed contributions. From 2017-2021 Denmark contributed over US$ 18.3 million.
Total voluntary contributions from Denmark to the ILO between 2017 and 2021 amounted to US$ 29.8 million.

Denmark's overall financial contributions to the ILO, 2017-21 (US$ 40.8M)

Denmark's support to ILO actions

Demark's priorities for development cooperation

In its strategy “The World 2030,” Denmark sets out four strategic development cooperation goals:
  1. Security and development – Peace, stability and protection
  2. Migration and development
  3. Inclusive, sustainable growth and development
  4. Freedom and development – democracy, human rights and gender equality
Target countries:
  • Poor, fragile countries/regions: Afghanistan, Burkina Faso, Mali, Niger, Palestine and Somalia, Syria and neighbouring countries, Sahel, and the Horn of Africa
  • Poor, stable countries: Bangladesh, Ethiopia, Kenya, Myanmar, Tanzania, Uganda
  • Transition and growth economies: Ghana, Indonesia, South Africa, Ukraine, Georgia, Vietnam, Egypt, Brazil, Colombia, China, Mexico and Türkiye and other middle-income countries.
The bulk of available Denmark's development cooperation assistance will be dedicated to the first two categories, with a particular emphasis on fragile countries and regions characterized by fragility.