Decent Work in Myanmar - New ILO programme addresses the building of democracy

This brochure outlines the ILO framework for its technical cooperation programme in Myanmar over the next few years. An annex details the projects involved.

In November 2012 the ILO Governing Body endorsed the programme framework for ILO technical cooperation activities in Myanmar. The programme was supported by tripartite consultation and recognizes the depth and scope of the reform agenda in Myanmar.

While significant progress has been made, particularly in the elimination of forced labour and the promotion of freedom of association, much remains to be done to support the ongoing transition of the country - work that will support the strengthening of democratic institutions; assist the development and application of the legislative framework and the rule of law; ensure the full elimination of all forms of forced labour and the full implementation of freedom of association; and develop an efficient labour market based on fundamental principles and rights at work, supporting inclusive economic and social growth.