October 2010

  1. ILO Statement to the Second Committee of the 65th General Assembly

    Moves toward sustainability are good for employment, but require sound policy for transition

    11 October 2010, New York

    Greening of the economy will create more jobs than will be lost in other sectors. But these shifts will require coherent policies to assist those bearing the brunt of the transformation.

  2. ILO Statement to the Second Committee of the 65th General Assembly

    How to address the jobs crisis within the macroeconomic policy debate

    11 October 2010, New York

    For balanced, sustainable growth, policies must shift to ensure that the world economy is based on an income-led growth pattern that replaces the previous debt driven consumption and investment models.

April 2010

  1. ILO Statement to the 43rd Commission on Population and Development

    A pressing global need to increase action on occupational safety and health

    16 April 2010, New York

    While rates of workplace injury and disease are declining slowly in most industrialized countries, they are on the increase in developing countries.

February 2010

  1. Remarks by ILO Director-General

    ILO Director-General addresses Brookings Institution on achieving and sustaining an employment-based recovery

    26 February 2010, Washington DC

    ILO Director-General Juan Somavia addressed a panel discussion on Achieving and Sustaining an Employment-Based Recovery: U.S. and Global Strategies for Governments, Businesses, Workers and Families, at Brookings institution in Washington DC.