WISCON - Work Improvement For Small Construction Sites

This action manual can be used for improving safety, health and working conditions on small construction sites by employers, supervisors and workers.

The WISCON manual is designed to help employers and workers in small construction sites create safe, healthy and efficient workplaces. In this manual, employers and workers will find many practical ideas, accompanied by coloured illustrations, on ways to improve key aspects of safety, health and efficiencies such as site planning and layout, work at height, the safe use of machinery and electricity, materials handling and storage, the physical environment, welfare facilities, work organization and training, and other safe work procedures. The manual focuses on providing easy-to-apply and low-cost solutions using locally-available materials. Its methodology also sets out to promote collaborative action between employers and workers to implement these practical measures on their construction sites.

This manual draws upon the ILO’s 30 years’ experience of participatory action-oriented approaches to improving safety, health and efficiencies, and incorporates the knowledge it has acquired on the good practices used in various construction sites. Many employers and workers in small construction sites will find this manual useful in practice.