ILO India Response to COVID-19 - Second Edition

This second update covers the key response of office to COVID-19 pandemic between May- June 2020.

While the lockdown measures are easing, the health crisis seem to be far from over in the country. With most economic activities allowed, the world of work now slowly appears on the path of recovery. It will certainly give rise to new set of challenges and will demand more concerted and coordinated efforts among ILO constituents and other associated UN agencies.

The ILO DWT India office is promoting safe return of workers and employers to workplaces on priority. It aims to play an important role in shaping the evidence based policy discussions on economic recovery, rights of workers and ‘human-centred’ agenda, through promotion of decent work and social justice.

The message from UN Secretary General Mr António Guterres at the launch of Policy Brief on Covid-19 and the World of Work this month will guide us in our recovery efforts.