India Decent Work Country Programme Interim Results Report (2018-19)

The interim results report captures progress of India Decent Work Country Programme for the first biennium of 2018-19. The document captures key activities undertaken by the ILO constituents and identifies priorities for the next biennium.

Within the rapidly changing world of work context and consequent shifts in labour policy environment in India, the ILO constituents have managed to make a substantial advancement towards contributing to DWCP priorities in the 2018-19 biennium. The relevance of results and its significance in furthering progress in SDGs can be attributed to better planning and consultative process adopted in the designing of the implementation strategy of the DWCP.

The implementation approach envisaged for the biennium 2020-21 necessitates alignment to and contribution in the realization of the commitments envisaged in the Centenary Declaration adopted by the ILO constituents for a better future of work in India and the world.