Virtual Consultation- 'Roundtable Discussion on Allied Health Professionals Mobility India-UK'

The ILO jointly with Ministry of Skills Development and Entrepreneurship, Ministry of External Affairs and its think-tank the India Centre for Migration, Government of India are organizing a virtual consultation on the mobility of allied health professionals with key stakeholders in UK.

The current global pandemic has made India realise the importance of resource sharing across borders depending on the comparative advantage held by various nations at a particular point in time during this crisis. In the coming days India is also committed to building back better; reinstating its health care resources especially health care workers for current and future challenges for the nation and also across the globe.

Towards this the Ministry of Skills Development and Entrepreneurship in partnership with the Ministry of External Affairs, Government of India, has taken the initiative to understand the health sector job roles in different countries in terms of their skills levels, regulatory aspects, and projected demands. This understanding will help India to build its own allied health workers skills, enhance skills training to international standards, prepare for recognition and certification of skills across nations and provide greater opportunities to skilled health workers for mobility in the future.

As the first step in this direction, the MSDE, MEA, and its think-tank ICM, the Government of India along with ILO are organizing stakeholder consultations in different regions of the world. The first consultation is scheduled to be held on 17 August 2021 between India and the UK. The main objectives are to understand the impact of covid-19 pandemic and its implications on the shift in the scope of work for allied health professionals and the nature of skill sets required. This platform will also be used to disseminate information on the steps and current progress made by India and the UK on collaborating on skills and mobility of allied health professionals. Steps will be taken to recognize the potential role of other stakeholders in the process and inputs from them will be taken on their contribution in the UK –India health worker mobility flow, including reflection/ learning from previous projects.

A background note is compiled to elaborate on the above aspects of health workers in India. It furnishes details on the composition of Indian health workers, different categories, training infrastructure and skilling programmes. The note recognises the utmost relevance and varied scope of different stakeholders in the recruitment of health care workers in India and in the destination countries to collaborate towards achieving global health goals.

Stakeholder consultation is organised to understand the skills requirements of allied health workers, as we build back from Covid-19. It is aimed to encourage dialogue amongst important stakeholders from UK and India involved with the skilling and mobility of health professionals and their steps towards achieving the goal of UK- India health worker mobility flow.