Case studies, video and observance of World Environment Day by SCORE enterprises in India.

Some case studies and a video link showcasing environmental initiatives in SCORE enterprises in India. A number of SCORE Enterprises in Chennai and Bangalore observed ‘World Environment Day’ on June 5.

S Ramesh, CEO, Sathya Components along with shop-floor employees discussing the importance of integrating green practices in an enterprise
A number of enterprises have taken initiatives to contribute to environmental improvements. A couple of sample case studies and video give an overview of these initiatives.

SCORE enterprise ‘Sathya Components Centre’ in Simpsons Cluster, Chennai observed ‘World Environment Day’ on June 5. S. Ramesh, Managing Director of Sathya Components Centre, shared his perspectives on the importance of environment and, along with shop-floor employees, and took a pledge to preserve the environment. R. Venkatasubramani, SCORE Trainer facilitates SCORE Training in ‘Sathya Components Centre’.

SCORE enterprise - Sona Leathers – based in Bangalore too observed ‘World Environment Day’. The employees emphasized this year’s message which was ‘Connect with Nature’ and distributed saplings to their employees. Posters were displayed to generate awareness on environmental protection. S.M. Jagadish, SCORE Trainer, facilitates the SCORE Training in Sona Leathers.