Launching of ILO - SCOPE Network of Champions

Welcome address by Ms. Dagmar Walter, Director, DWT South Asia and India Country Office at the launch of ILO SCOPE Network of Champions.

Statement | New Delhi | 12 September 2019
  • Respected members of the Standing Conference of Public Enterprises;
  • Our proud champions;
  • Employers’ partners;
  • Ladies and gentlemen:
A very warm welcome to all of you.

It is such a privilege to be engaged with you again. Today, marks the culmination of the ILO-SCOPE work which was initiated back in 2017.

I had the honour to be associated with each step of this initiative since I assumed office in India early 2018. As a women executive’s journey to higher management, this programme very much resonates with my own career passage upwards.

I would like to thank SCOPE officials, Mr. Atul Sobti, Director General, Dr. U.D. Choubey, ex Director General, Mr. S. A. Khan, Group GM (corporate affairs) and from ILO, Mr. Ravi Peiris, Employers Specialist for their passion and relentless support to this initiative.

This shaping and training of a Network of Champions was the outcome of the recommendations flowing from the ILO-SCOPE survey on women in leadership and management in Public Sector Undertaings (PSUs) in India.

The study identified 19 recommendations, presented in four categories: i) improving organizational work structure; ii) strengthening basic necessities and facilities; iii) sensitization efforts at all levels, and iv) other supporting factors.

The findings laid the foundation for establishing this task force - a Network of Champions, which includes both women and men from the PSUs. They have been successful in overcoming related barriers or are known for their exemplary performance to address gender issues.

Three 2-day training sessions were conducted between July and August 2019, by ILO and SCOPE, and has now made this ‘Network of Champions’, a reality.

While my colleague Ravi Peiris and our expert Dr. Malika Basu will take us through the details of the training and the methodology adopted, I wish to share my immense pleasure in witnessing the enthusiasm and vibrancy demonstrated by the trainee champions.

It didn’t, therefore, surprise me when Malika shared the good news that all the participants have successfully completed their training obligation under the programme. I congratulate each one of you for choosing to become a change agent and to be the flag bearer for promoting women in leadership and management in PSUs. I also call upon, and want to count on, the support, understanding and active engagement in this initiative of your respective bosses and hierarchies, so that you may carry out your mission in a constructive way.

Indeed, this is our first milestone and there are many more to achieve. I am sure we would reach our goal with concerted and innovative efforts.

ILO looks forward to SCOPE’s commitment to make use of this Network to create awareness and training in all PSUs within its membership to promote women leadership. We will closely watch with interest, the progress made by the network in the coming months.
I take this opportunity to thank SCOPE for giving us the opportunity of collaborating in this great initiative. I also wish to thank Dr. Malika Basu for her invaluable contribution.

The journey has just begun and I wish the network of champions a stimulating and productive future in trainings at PSUs!!

Congratulations and thank you!