Child labour

Sri Lanka: Child activity survey: Sri Lanka (1999)

A report on child labour activity in Sri Lanka in 1999 based on the Household Based Survey Module on Child Labour.

The Department of Census and Statistics has prepared this report based on the Household Based Survey Module on Child Labour it had conducted. The ILO’s International Programme on the Elimination of Child Labour (IPEC) and the Statistical Department have provided the necessary technical and financial assistance to conduct the survey at the national level. The survey covered a sample of 14,400 households, which were interviewed on the nature of the economic activities of each child within the household, the consequences and challenges faced by each child while in employment, and the amount of time the child spent for his/her studies and recreational activities. The survey results have been tabulated in 25 table formats for data analysis. The report is intended to be of use for policy makers and programme designers to understand more clearly the nature of the problem of child labour and the geographical areas where child labour is more rampant.